Pinaud and Florida water in a movie...

Discussion in 'Aftershaves' started by Bhugo, Sep 21, 2018.

  1. Bhugo

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    Watching Ferris Bueller’s day off tonight with the family and noticed when he was in the restroom at Chez Luis, there was a big bottle of Lilac Vegetal, Florida Water and a Pinaud talc bottle on the counter.

    Besides The Jerk and Anchor Man, I cant think of any other times I have seen Pinaud products in movies. You?
  2. Interesting!! I don’t remember that scene, so I guess I need to revisit Ferris.
  3. In "Ash Vs Evil Dead" episode 1, the star (Ash) uses some Clubman within the first minute of the episode. It's super obvious so it was probably a paid promotional thing. If you are curious you can watch the first episode for free:

    Ash vs Evil Dead Episodes | STARZ

    Warning: It's horror and it's crude and ultra violent.

  4. Bhugo

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    That’s right! Love Ash!
  5. King Ash.jpeg

    I always suspected him to be a Pinaud guy.
  6. Bhugo

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  7. Ad Astra

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    Ash rules! And Clubman repels Deadites; that's why you wear it in the first place.

    Thought you guys knew... :cryin::spockflam

  8. Bhugo

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    I just want his chainsaw hand when clearing brush at deer camp!
  9. Ha, that's awesome
  10. Gone with the Wind. The novel, not the movie. A small bottle of Florida Water is mentioned as an acceptable gift from a gentleman to a lady.
  11. I saw a rerun of M*A*S*H the other day that showed a bottle of Pinaud eau de Quinine. They called it something else to make the joke funnier, but that’s what it was.
  12. Bhugo

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  13. Obviously not Pinaud nor Florida Water, but how could one forget Kevin (Home Alone) and the Brut!
  14. Bhugo

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    Thanks to whoever moved that attachment from my previous post!
  15. The veg could gave killed Freddie Kruger
  16. Bhugo

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    That was great.
  17. Bhugo

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  18. How about the infamous James Bond scene where he gets his “special lady friend” to use a straight blade on him. Great scene
  19. There is a scene in the show Ballers where the boss of ASM splashes himself with Osage Rub while on his boat.

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