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PILS Razor Rust Question

I recently got to hold one of the PILS razors, and ever since then I have been wanting one.
If memory serves there were some rust issues in the past. Did these ever get solved?
Don't feel like breaking my sabbatical, and dropping $250 on a razor that rusts.

Thanks everyone.
I've owned three Pils razors and none of mine had any rust issues.

I recently bought another and I noticed that they now have chrome plating on the inside.

Here is the new one I bought back in December. Sorry for the water spots I just finished shaving before shooting the pics.
This is a 101NE, notice the inside is shiny.

I asked the vendor about it and he told me that Pils now plates the inside of the razors.




Here is a 101NE I use to own. Notice the plain stainless on the inside.
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I think you are talking about the 'rust' by the screw on the head. Mine is a little over 6 months old and yes that area must be extra dry to avoid. Otherwise great razor.
Thank you Till. They are great shaving razors. This is my favorite Pils shot to date.

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