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Pillow pursuit

They're delicious. You have to braise them for about 6 hours though, so they get nice and tender. They seem best when accompanied by a nice, dry red wine.
Memory foam for me. Don't pay anywhere close to $100 USD for them, though, find a better deal.

MMMmmm... yes me too. Memory foam is nearly as delicious as this but takes less prep time, cook time & costs much less. Plus it has a wonderfully chewy texture.:lol:
So, in summary, no-one has actually tested this particular pillow and has anything useful to say about it.


I won't buy it then.

I have not used this particular pillow, but I have tried several memory foam pillows. Did not like any of them. You may have better luck posting your question in the Barbershop Forum. As this is the Mess Hall, most members visiting here have food on there mind. Well, I do anyway :lol:

Yes, well, I'm not much for toasted foam, but OK. Point taken. :blush:
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