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Hello all,
Like many of you, I spent years being misdirected (read: lied to) by the large shaving companies. A few years back, it dawned on me that I had not gotten a consistently decent shave since the old two blade days, so I found a razor and cartridges fitting my inclination. After a while, it occurred to me to try an injector razor and cut down to a single blade, so I did. Even better shave, and cheaper, too.
I have been generally satisfied with my injectors for several years. My requirements are pretty simple, since I only shave part of my beard growth.
I have been reluctant to try a double-edged safety razor due to unpleasant memories from my adolescence in the Dark Ages. However, I broke down and bought a Feather in a moment of weakness and curiosity. I waspleasantly surprised, nay stunned with the shave I got. I don’t know if shaving can get better, but it would be pretty hard for me to top my experience with this razor.
I confess to more than a little animosity toward the big shaving companies for the continued nonsense of their commercials. I understand it, gotta make money and all, but just don‘t tell us your product is superior for its purpose when it clearly is not.
I hope everyone is well. Best wishes to all.
It’s very interesting to hear your razor regression so to speak. I’m using injectors and DEs and find that they shave differently but I can get equally good shaves. Congrats on the new razor and taking to it so readily. Is it the Feather Popular or the adjustable?
@Barbablanca you are a braver man than I am. I am still too scarred to shave regularly with a razor where I can't see the blade's edge on my skin. I went from multi-blade carts directly to straight razors.
Welcome to B & B where the company and the information are excellent. 😃😎
There is always a new razor or soap or something around the corner and a multitude of potential rabbit holes to fall down.
Come for the company... Stay for the adventure!!
Welcome! I would say, once you have a decent razor and technique, the software is where the fun is at. If you haven't, check out the thread about the new B&M soap base even if the scent isn't to your liking. They will be releasing more. Oh and check out the extensive threads on boar brushes if you are budget constrained(so you can buy more soaps).
Many thanks for the welcome, guys! I am now in the process of trying out blades. I have used the Feather blade (came with the razor) and was very pleased. I am now trying the Wizamet super iridium, and first impressions are very good indeed. I have some 7 o’clock yellows on order, and will likely try the Nacet and Voskhod next. Still have to order them.
If there are blades that you think I should try, please let me know. I’m not too worried about price, but think I should avoid trying out blades that aren’t in current production.
Jack (Oh boy! Found another rabbit hole!)
Well you went right to the Wiamets, you are done testing blades. 🤪
Actually the only place to go from there that is similar, but different is Med Preps or vintage blades. You really did cheat.:w00t:
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