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    We are under attack and surrounded!

    Texas has a major problem and now an invasion from Canada.

    "Ecological train wrecks": Feral hogs from Canada are encroaching on Montana

    Texas has removed the requirement that you need a hunting license to hunt hogs. They can be taken anywhere it is legal to discharge a firearm, anytime, and by any means. They need to start putting a bounty on them.

    Not too long ago they were coming up around my pond at night. The entire area around the edges looked like it had been roto-tilled. I carry a Ruger Blackhawk .41 Mag. when fishing as I've seen a few dashing toward the treeline. Also have a .30-30 handy in the dining room for targets of opportunity. I know @martym is doing his part. I believe I saw where about 32 U.S. states have a problem with them.

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  1. Pigs were on the list of "why we need AR-15s when having that discussion with my liberal non gun guy father-in-law. That was my "yes, they most certainly ARE great for hunting" argument.

    I also explained that they are fantastic for home defense as they're much easier for a casual shooter to hit with, no recoil allowing faster follow-up shots etc.

    I also pointed out that in the UK where there's no longer a means of fighting back that most home invasions happen when people are home.

    He seemed to take all these thoughts on board, don't know if he was swayed.

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  2. Can't blame the Canadians for the hog problem here. Still have one.

    Don't know about a .223 for hog. Hog and bear is one reason I'm interested in an AR-10. Will likely just end up opting for a slug gun. Sigh.
  3. While you're looking at the AR10 don't forget 338 federal and 358 Winchester are solids options there.

    While people have reported ok results with 223 the 458 Socom, 50 Beowulf and 450 Bushmaster along with the 357AR max and new 350 Legend are HAMMERS.

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  4. I think a .223 is kinda meh for a tough hog. The manager of the ranch next to me used to carry a bolt action .30-06 in his truck but after his wife had it nicely restocked for him one Christmas he started carrying a Mini 14. He said the .223 "would" put them down but not as hard as the '06.

    I believe I would go with the AR-10 for hogs, especially if you are adding bear to the list.
  5. I saw an article on the Wilson .300 HAM'R recently and it looks like a hog dropper. Although a bit pricey.

    WATCH: On the Range With the Bill Wilson Ranch Rifle in .300 HAM'R
  6. The article I just looked up says 300 Hamr basically a 30-30 mirror ballistically. So the 7.62x39 round is another solid option in that ballistic neighborhood.

    There are SO many interesting options. I have several of them. I just need a place with hogs to try them out. I need to assemble the Bushmaster and 357 max. Going to SE Texas in December, maybe I need to try to set something up. If I can't find any there I have a friend just over the border in SW Louisiana that might be able to help.

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  7. I'm not that familiar with all the AR configurations. I don't have one and don't intend to get one, but they are very popular. I have an AK style 7.62x39 so I'm good.

    You'll find hogs just about anywhere in the state.
  8. Champion of Capua

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    A 223 may not drop a pig, but I’d imagine it would bleed out somewhere with any decent shot. Either way, the correct answer in these cases is always a higher caliber( Tim Allen grunt in there somewhere).
    I think you can still get yugo’s pretty cheep?? If that pig can take a 7.62 x 54, he almost deserves to live(almost).
  9. 458 Socom is essentially a semi auto 45-70. That'll git-er-did!

    Nothing wrong with a lever gun or any other choice. Bacon filled rats.
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    Just sold all my 8mm Mausers and Dirty-Thirty's and the SKS. Just shorts left.
  11. man... I read the title as pig food and was like.... what's wrong with a 4:1 linked ball? of course, SLAP for that high end chow.
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    Just read an article on .350 Legend, interesting indeed.

  13. if I had a serious hog problem here (they swung through once) I'd likely opt for a 6.5 in an AR platform with a thermal. fast follow ups just to drop them. i'd be ok with 5.56 and get to them for dispatch.
  14. I have parts to assemble a 357 Max rimless. 556 brass cut back to 357 Remington maximum length and blown out. Probably where they got the idea for the Legend, there's been more and more guys building them. This commercial offering probably kills that wildcat.

    I thought I read that the Legend uses 9mm bullets rather than the slightly fatter 357 stuff but I might be mistaken.

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  16. My 30-30 just aims itself and does more damage than it's tiny recoil would imply. Great on pigs... But I think a nice 25-06 bolt would be the perfect hog gun! Maybe a nice lightweight Fieldcraft. And yea, i'd change my AR upper to a .450 hammer of Thor if I was pig hunting too.

    You know what, I think next summer I'll head down to Texas with my 30-30 and a 25-06 and have me some bacon. I freaking hate wild pigs.
  17. Casting your own bullets and reloading are your friend!

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  18. There are YouTube videos of smaller pigs taken with brain shots from .177 pellet guns, not that I recommend such. Shot placement is everything. Just about any round chambered in the various AR-15 variants are capable of taking pigs if the proper projectile is chosen.
  19. You'll be welcome. Although there is not much public land for hogs and most private land owners have went the "give me the money" route. I think you can get a one day hunt for about $200. There are plenty of ranches in the state that offer hog hunting packages on the internet.

    Just be aware that a hog's vitals are lower slung than a lot of other game animals.

    The Clean Kill: Where to Shoot a Hog - Hogman Outdoors Blog

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