PIFd a Straight and I glimpsed at the 'Dark Side'

Discussion in 'Straight Razor Shave Clinic' started by StubbleTrouble, Mar 2, 2014.

    As a result of two meet and greets this weekend in NY (where I've made two new shaving comrades) buca3152 PIFd me a straight, honed and stropped it, and I now happily report shave No 1's results yielded a SAS (three uber efficient passes :lol:) with no cuts or irritation. This is definitely giving me flashbacks to my first days with a DE! One difference is of course I had this resource before embarking. :thumbup1:

    What's more is that I'm working from home all this week, so I reckon I'll get two more shaves before it needs stropping. Buca3152 recommended a good site to grab a strop as well, so that's next on the agenda.

    Thanks B&B and Thanks to Buca3152 for showing me that the Dark Side isn't so dark after all! (discounting a new wave of AD, of course) :tongue_sm
  1. Ha ha! Looks like another one crossed over just like I did! I only have 11 more shaves in with a straight than you do. Congratulations on a great first experience and welcome to the dark side!

  2. Glad to hear the shave went well. We all have been helped along in this hobby of ours. Glad the blade helped you get started. Was a good first shave. They get closer and better. Enjoy that!
  3. Hey that's cool!!! I am glad you came on over to the dark side :lol:

    I have always wished there was someone local I could meet up with, and it sounds like there may be someone now, so I am hoping that can happen eventually.
  4. It's very cool, and I have a mentor that's checking up on my progress every day and who sent me backups while I wait for mine to arrive in the mail. From my own standpoint, there's no doubt a satisfaction in the sharing of knowledge and PIFs when the receiver is enthusiastic. Same can be said for being the receiver :w00t:

    I honestly couldn't have imagined an easier transition!
  5. Bill (buca) is very supportive and the PIF'd razor was a great gesture.
    So far Bill has sent me a box of rocks and is getting me geared up to rub some metal on them...
    What a nice guy.
  6. Were you in Valley Stream Sunday, Myron?

    I'm with you! Class Act, that fella!
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  7. No - did not attend.
    Bill and I have been in touch off line.
    Would love to make it to one in the future.
    Brooklyn was home and school was on Lower East Side a few decades ago but I still visit with family and friends up there.


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