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PIF- Vintage Gillette Tech for veterans

Update, I went ahead and used the tech with a nacet blade and the conk soap. I have never used any of these so completely new experience. The conk did what it was supposed to and smelled good doing it. Not a top performer, but, for a freebie, that I will likely pif pretty good stuff. The tech and the nacet I think I made the right decision for that combo. For someone who generally gets dfs, I got BBS with no nicks. I felt the alum on my neck and saw some redness, but, that is totally normal for me. I must say I am impressed with this mild little razor, and if today's shave is any sign of what's to come it will definitely remain in my rotation.

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I'm glad it got there (sorry for the delay: 2+, nearly 3, weeks with a bad case of strep, that was initially misdiagnosed so I went to work the first week or so...I did a lot of extra sleeping those couple weeks, if you call collapsing in exhaustion sleeping :) )...

The few times I tried it, I found that Tech to be mild yet quite efficient. The Nacet is one of my favorite blades, and it is relatively sharp (while still quite smooth). I'm glad (but not at all surprised) that you got such a good shave out of it. Gillette seemed to know what they were doing when they made those vintage razors. I can't wait until July (my birthday is in July) so I can use my birth year Super Speed and my birth month Tech I bought a month or two back. As for the Col Conk, as a soap alone I didn't like it much, but match it up with an almond cream (I used TOBS) for a superlather and it is good stuff. I found another almond soap I like better (Cella) so I won't use it anymore, I'm giving away my last, but it makes a terrific superlather.
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