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PIF- Vintage Gillette Tech for veterans

It is time for my 2nd PIF...

Background (skip if you don't like long threads):

Around two months ago I was seeking feedback for a starter kit I was putting together for a friend. He gets ingrown hairs, bumps and irritation from shaving and I thought a good brush, cream and DE razor may help. Due to those shaving issues, he only shaves once or twice a week (and constantly complains about that making him "look like a bum"), and when he shaves he uses a new cartridge each time (despite being on a very limited budget due to living on his Social Security and VA disability benefits). In addition to being a more comfortable shave, I was thinking switching to DE shaving could save him a lot of money (important since he is on a fixed income). A very nice member here gifted me an old Tech to give my friend since he is a veteran.

Unfortunately, my friend can be very mentally inflexible, and since his current "system" of using a new Sensor cartridge each time he shaves causes fewer bumps and ingrowns than he has had in the past he is afraid of trying something else. He was willing to try the brush, pre-shave, and Proraso shave cream, but not the DE razor and blades (I will never try to surprise this friend again :001_rolle). When I was going to return the razor, the person who nicely gave me the Tech to give him said I could keep it, but since it was gifted to give away, I figured I'd try it a few times and then pass it on to someone else.

So, my friend's loss is someone else's gain.

The Razor:

It is an old gold Tech. I am no vintage Gillette expert, but comparing it to photos on eBay I'd say it is probably a 1940s Tech. It is not pretty, it was well loved in its lifetime. However, it shaves wonderfully. I was only going to try it a few times and in a couple weeks I'd PIF it out. Well, I've been using it off and on (I have several razors in my rotation) for going on 2 months because it is such a wonderful shave. This will be a terrific razor for someone.

It has been cleaned and, while I have no communicable diseases, I will sterilize it in Barbersol before sending it out.

The Terms (required):
  • Veterans and current military only. It was given to me to give to a friend because he was a vet (U.S. Coast Guard), so I think it should go to a vet. Also, as someone whose time in the Army was cut short (early discharge due to a bad ankle) I have a lot of respect for vets. So this one is vets only.
  • Addendum to vets only: I will include veterans of US allies, both official and unofficial (if you meet the next requirement).
  • Shipping within the United States only
  • To enter, state "I'm in" and which military branch you were/are in

Terms (preferred/optional):
  • I would prefer this go to someone new to either DE shaving altogether, or someone experienced with modern DE razors but who is new to vintage razors and wants to try them out. If you are new to DE shaving please state this (you will get 3 entries into the PIF), if you are experienced but new to vintage razors state so (you will get 2 entries to the PIF)
  • If you are a disabled vet, you will get extra entries in the PIF (3 entries)

We will use the honor system. There is no way really for me to check up if you have the service you say you do or if you are new to DE shaving or vintage razors. Just know, if you lie, you are a real jerk :mad5: and if ever found out, we will all know :yikes:

I will close this PIF at the end of the month and do the drawing on April 30th.
I'm a Vet this is an awesome PIF.
SOMEONE will really enjoy that Razor. Oh yea Not in.

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Not in! I am as U.S. Army, Desert Storm veteran. What a great gesture on your part. As stated not in, I have a 1940's Tech.
I just picked up a couple of tech razors they a great razors. Someone will be very happy. I'm not in.

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Very nice of you!! I am in!!

Us Army active duty. I have a variant and a frankenrazor?? Been at this about 2 months. Great so far

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I'm in. I am a disabled vet living on a fixed income. I have been DE shaving since October and am very keen on trying a vintage razor. I currently use a WCS open comb and a EJ short handle with a rubberized grip. Oh I was in the US Army infantry in the Bosnia era.
Just over a week more and so far only 3 people are in. It may not be the most beautiful vintage Tech, but the thing shaves beautifully. Of course, being a razor PIF, it will also come with a small assortment of blades. 9 more days
I would enter, but I already have a pre war tech. Best of luck to the participants!

Happy Shaving
US Army Veteran, Foxhole Shavers Club Member
Not In.
Very generous PIF. I am a USAF vet but I have a 1948 Gillette Aristocrat and a 1960 Gillette Super slim flare.
I'd like to be in I would give the razor to my brother Vietnam vet with three bronze Stars I made him this brush a razor to go with it would be very nice. I'm trying to get him to kick the cartridge habit

That is a beautiful brush.

Not in. Thank you to everyone who has served.
I'd like to be in I would give the razor to my brother Vietnam vet with three bronze Stars I made him this brush a razor to go with it would be very nice. I'm trying to get him to kick the cartridge habit

Hopefully if you win, your buddy is more willing to try new things than my buddy.

Beautiful brush by the way. Where did you get that handle. I'd love to have one for myself, and maybe for the next time I do a veterans PIF (though I guess I'd have to source one for other services in case the winner wasn't Army)
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