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FT PIF/Trade (Hannibal Lecter) of Great Value... Soaps and Such

I am offering spoils from my recent trip to Germany/England… and a few other items. All are new except the Bluebeards Revenge (90 percent full).

Arco Stick

Tabac Stick

Boots Stick

Palmolive Cream Tube

Speick Cream Tube

Balea Cream Tube

Tabac Cream Tube

C.O. Bigalow Cream Tube

Wilkinson Cream Tube

Speick Tub

Wilkinson Tub

Bluebeard's Revenge Tub

Speick Bath Soap

Wilkinson Razor

Razorock TTO Razor

Balea Brush

A few Blades and other items

I will pay shipping.

There is a catch Clarice… Quid pro quo. You must send me a NON SHAVING RELATED item(s) of great value. The retail value of the item you send me cannot exceed 5 dollars. You must also explain why it is an item(s) of great value. If no item is deemed a great value by me all who enter will have their name put in a pot and I will draw a random winner.

Everyone who enters will also be eligible for the consolation prize drawing of a Tabac stick and a Palmolive stick. The grand prize winner must send me the item(s) offered but the consolation prize winner need only send their best wishes.

DO NOT PM me... Post your offerings so others can see the competition and your creativity. Winners must claim their winnings via a PM to me no later than 24 May. The winner will be chosen at midnight on Wednesday 15 May and posted the next day.

Thanks for the opportunity @L.A. Jones. I’m in. I don’t know if you meant it to be CONUS, I’m from Canada. I’ll withdraw if that’s your intention.
I have an item that I’ll send you that meets the criteria. It’s a 1776-1976 Eisenhower Bicentennial Dollar coin. The great value is that I found it in a 1930’s Chevrolet pick up truck that my late Father dragged home for a project sometime in the late 1970s. He was starting to work on it and I was “helping” him. It was one of the first times that I recall him allowing me to get involved. We had pulled the seat bottom out and I spotted it. He let me keep it. It was circulated and not in perfect condition but I’ve held onto it since then.
We worked on a lot of cars, trucks, and boats together till he passed away in 1990. I think it is because of those jobs with him that I chose to become a mechanic. I finished my apprenticeship and became licensed in 1987. I have some of his tools that I’ll have till my time comes. I’m sure he’d think I was a fool for hanging onto that coin for all these years.
Pick me and the coin is yours.
I have a blown tweeter that I got from my brother. I have the other speakers in the set but only one tweeter. I have to get two new ones so I can put the speakers in my car. This was supposed to be given to me when he was in town but with my medical issues I didnt get to meet up with him. He begged me to hang out with him on thanksgiving 2017 but my medical issues were acting up. That was the last time he was in town. On Jan 12 2018 some punk kid was driving about 120 the police figured and slammed into him killing him instantly while he was headed to work. I never got to get with him and hang out when he was in town. He was 32 at the time and has 3 girls. Both he and I were really into car stereos. And after his death the speakers came to me. I'm trying to get my health better so I can buy the tweeters needed and get the speakers installed in my car so I have a piece of him with me when I am driving. The 11th of this month was his birthday and again my medical problems kept me from celebrating it with the family. To me the speaker represents something priceless and represents a lot of long nights wireing up stereos or fixing them when something wasn't working correctly. I'd give anything to be able to have one more day with him. The last time I was able to see him was 4th of July 2017.
Only had 4 entries. The 3 listed above and one fellow who is too new to post. All the offerings were indeed valuable... so much so that I had to go with drawing a winner. Since there were only 4 entries the 3 "non-winners" will each receive a Palmolive shave stick, Tabac shave stick and a few extras. No one, including the winner, need send me anything. Items of great value should be kept close by.

Please PM me your complete mailing address (for our Canadian player make sure it is exactly correct and complete, as I have no experience sending items to Canada.) Thanks to all for playing.

The winner is: Acmemfg
Runners up: Suhrim21, Ramathorn, and Paul... the new guy.
76E769A0-0ECB-4DCA-A730-6B05632DD9FD.jpeg The largesse so often shown on this forum is well documented. I am frequently amazed when I see the generosity and good will put forth by the B&B membership.
I have to say though...this has to be among the most thoughtful and bounteous gestures I have ever witnessed.
Thank you Mr. Jones!!
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