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PIF -- TOBS Lavender Shaving cream


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Well, SWMBO is getting upset with the growth in my shaving den. And I have two lavender products, the TOBS and B&M Reserve Lavender, and I want to get a tub of TOBS rose cream, been out for a while now. So since I don't need two lavender scented products...

PIF! It's 80% full, still pretty soft, fairly new. Who has been itching to try this? It will go to (CONUS only, sorry) the person who wants it who has the most recent B&B join date. Let's give it to a new member. I'll let it run for a week or so, then I'll have to check all the replies for join date. I'll get it shipped next weekend.

I'm in, as long as you don't mind me passing it along if it doesn't hit my tastes in scents. I am not typically into floral scents but so many seem to like lavender. If I am not enamored with it, I can pass it on to my son's girlfriend, who I got into DE shaving.

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No worries here. I'm glad to see someone winning this who will really enjoy it. And my Sep date was in 2016. I hope this really encourages EZ.

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