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PIF - The Eight Soaps of Hanukkah

Tonight marks the first night of Hanukkah. As you may know, Hanukkah celebrates the miracle of a single day's worth of oil lasting eight days. (The Maccabees - a band of faithful Jews - drove the invading Greeks from their lands and went to rededicate the Temple in Jerusalem which had been overtaken by the Greeks. As they went to light the Temple's menorah, they found that only one day's container of olive oil had escaped contamination by the Greeks. The Maccabees lit the menorah anyway and miraculously the oil lasted eight days until more consecrated oil could be prepared.)

As a result, Jews celebrate Hanukkah with fried foods and other yummy, greasy treats. I figured that this was the perfect excuse to give away some saponified oils.

So here's the deal. I've got eight soaps to give away. Each day, I'll announce the soap that is going to be given away and then, if you're interested, you say that you're in for that soap. Each evening, starting tonight, I'll randomly choose a name from the day's entries and then send the soap off to the winner. Pretty simple, right?

A few rules and clarifications:

1) The PIF is open worldwide. (I may regret this from a shipping cost standpoint, but we'll see.) I'll cover shipping costs using the cheapest way available. If you win and there are duties that must be paid for a gift, you must pay those.
2) If you win a soap, please refrain from entering on subsequent nights.
3) If you'd like to try the soap, feel free to enter. (If you aren't interested please wait until a soap comes along that you'd like to try.) If you win a soap but end up not liking it, please pass it forward or throw it out. No resales please.
4) Most of these soaps are either new or are otherwise unlathered. Caveat: A couple have been either used by me - I've cut off the used part - or a part of a pass around. I will let you know so you can decide to enter or not.

Good luck!
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The entry for this evening (Sunday 12/2) is a sample of Latha. This soap punches above its weight and has a pure lavender scent. Unfortunately, it's been discontinued although you see it around occasionally.

The soap sample was part of a passaround. It looks to be in fine shape - it looks as if some has been scooped from the container - but I can't tell you the entire history.

If you're interested, just say you're in!
That's pretty awesome of you! Happy Hanukkah! I'm out for today, looking forward to the next 7 days!!

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Chag Sameach brother! I’m in

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My people are famous for pathetic miracles.

What a nice offer- good luck to the winner.
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