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PIF: TFS Tcheong Fung Sing Tabacco Verde Intenso

PIF'fing my once-used puck of TFS Tabacco Verde Intenso soap.
Just a single sliver was taken from the back of the puck.
Puck acquired new in November, 2013; re-wrapped in original wax paper wrapper.
It lathered fine, just this puck had essentially no scent, at least to my nose.
I was hoping for some tobacco scent, but, maybe, your nose is better than mine!

CONUS only; please PM if anyone wants!
Thanks folks for the great response!
This is taken (congrats to Josh in Tennessee)!
This is a nice soap, and I'm hoping he will let me know if he can find some Intenso Scento!
Have a good week everyone!
Thx for nice comment. A pleasure actually.
My nose could not pull anything out of it, so I hope someone else will be able to appreciate.
Far better than sitting unused in the cupboard.
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