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PIF: Take a razor, add a razor

Recently there was a PIF thread here on B&B in which a selection of brushes was made available. It turned into something fun and nice where as the box was passed on, members chose one item they liked and added one in turn. It could have gone on indefinitely.

Recently member @chris100 sent me a batch of razors for which he wished to find a new home. I selected one, a GEM with the chain link handle, and will be adding one from my collection. Here's what came from Chris.

1 - Gillette slim? Mild
2 - GEM (selected)
3 - Van der Hagen.
4/6 - Gillette? Chris can't remember the name of these, but they are nearly identical.
5 - Razorock
7/8 - Both Gillette slim flare tips, Chris believes. 7 has a black handle.

PIF open to all in CONUS who wish to follow the choose one/replace with one approach.
Lucky member to be chosen on this coming Friday.

Also was that a GEM Junior? I got one of those years ago but never made the investment in blades so I stopped using it when I ran out. I liked it a lot though, my dad told me it was what his grandfather used to shave.
Cool PIF. Not in though. If I took the "take one, replace one" approach, I would be swapping out my one and only razor. However, this is a great idea for a PIF.

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A couple of notes:

#1 is not a Slim Adjustable. It does not have the dial mechanism. Others may be able to identify it more clearly.

A number of the razors have some whitish residue on them, which Chris thinks may be from use of Proraso white.
So a little cleanup will be needed. I'll probably start with the standard soak in Dawn.
1 looks to be a early 50's Super Speed. 4 & 6 look like Gillette Old Types from the inter-war era with large ball ends.

7 is a Super Speed black handle flare tip and 8 is a Super Speed regular flare tip. The Regular could be a TV model (or not). Pic too grainy to tell either way.
not in, but I had participated in the brush passaround PIF and it was really wonderful. I'm going to subscribe and check out how this develops!
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