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Today's PIF - and to kick off a holiday weekend: a bottle of Tabac aftershave splash. It's the big 300ml size, and is more than 3/4 full (level is above the "Since 1959" line. It was purchased from West Coast Shaving when they had their brick and mortar in Chino, CA.

While I don't mind sitting on some supply, I do want to think I'll get through everything I have, and I just won't with this. Since it is well-liked by so many others, it should go to a better home.

Only catches are CONUS and a love of Tabac products... I'll come back at the end of the long weekend with a random number generator to those that say they're in.

Wonderful PIF! Respectfully not in as I am not in the US and I have too much stuff already. I love all Tabac products, except the hair lotion, and the EDT which to me smells nothing like Tabac 👍
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