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PIF: Rolls Razor(s)

The Rolls is one of my favorite razors, but I don't need extras. I'm trying to simplify. (Check out my as in the BST too!) I've got enough parts to assemble at least two Rolls Razors. Each one will come complete with a usable hone and strop. I will also hone the blades as best as I can but I won't guarantee shave ready. Or you can just take it the way it is and get it honed by a master. Either way.

To enter, post why you're interested in the Rolls and any SE / Straight experience that you've got. I'll leave this open until the end of the week.

im in.ive been wanting to try a rolls.ive got se's from the 1912 er's to the clogprufe MM and love them all .


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I'm In! I have been a little afraid of the Roll's so far. i would like to try, and if I did not like it, I in turn could pass it forward. Thanks for the offer.
I'll go ahead and enter. I've got a Gem 1912 I use when I don't use my straights (primary shave). I kept a DE for travel and shaving at work when I don't use a straight there. I got a lot of three 1912s when I bought mine, PIF'd two away locally to fellow wet shavers.

Im intrigued by the concept of the rolls, and hone my own straights, so I'd like to see what they're about. If I don't like it or want to keep it, I'll re-PIF it.

Thanks for the PIF.
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Very cool! I'm in. I figure I've got to get into vintage sometime, and what better way than a beauty like a Rolls!.

I love trying many different types of shaves. I haven't tried SE yet, but I'm loving my shavette. Despite what everyone says, I bet if I stick with it I'll get really close shaves with no effort!

Anyway, thanks for the pif!
$GemJr.jpgVery cool im in for sure the rolls looks like a fun razor. i have a Gem 1912 still havnt gotten the perfect shave from it yet but i like to use it at least once a week and my kids love to play shave with it.
I'm in! I've seen them in antique stores and have always wanted to try one!
Admittedly,I will likely not keep it for long, and will PIF after a few shaves.... Maybe one could be a pas around?!

Have been shaving worth straights for a while, and look forward to every morning!
I am in! I have 0 experience with SE or straights and frankly I am interested in the Rolls simply due to the design and concept of what the whole package was.
I'm in! I've have a three SE razors and three injectors, but haven't gotten around a Rolls yet. I's love to have the opportunity to give it a try.
I'm interested, a guy I work with has talked to me about the Rolls Razor and recommended I try one if the opportunity evert arose. I've been straight shaving fairly exclusively for the last couple months (de for 3 years prior) and am starting to get pretty good shaves. Thank you for the chance.
I have 14 Rolls Razors.
I am nuts about them.
I am trying to teach myself how to reset the blades which must, in my case, be done about every two years. When done by a professional and properly maintained they can compete with any se or de or quintuple edge blade.
Not too bad for 50, 60 and 70 year old blades. They will outlast me.

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I'm in! I love my Ever Ready 1912 and Schick Injector on the SE side. I also bought a TI straight over the summer and finally got my first really good shave with it today. The Rolls is an awesome razor that I'd love in my rotation.
I'm in.
My first razor was a GEM Cloug Pruf, I then bought a Feather weight, Flying Wing, 1912, and just got a GEM G bar. I have a Schick E but have not had a chance to use it, a member here PIF'ed me some blades so I will take it for a ride.
I'm in!

The only straight experience I have is a cheap Chinese shavette. I noticed I did not like how I have to hold it in the hand. A Rolls razor makes the transition from DE easy as you can use the same kind of grips. (And I have always wanted to know what a shave with a knife feels like :) )
Thanks for this PIF!

I have never shaved with either a straight or an SE. Have had the barber use the straight on the back of my neck years ago, though.

I have been fascinated with the Rolls razor for some time. I think that the design is amazing, and it looks like it would give the best of both worlds--straight and safety, that is.
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