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PIF - Post War Gilette Tech

Hey there. I've been at this DE shaving for about a year now, and I have bought and passed on several razors. The only ones still in my collection are my Henson AL13 (my fav), a pre-war Gillette Tech (my 2nd fav), a pre-war fat handle Gillette Tech, and a Feather Popular that I only use to slide my blade on with the TTO open to let the blade air dry between shaves.

All of that being said, I just can't seem to get a good shave with the post-war Tech (whereas the pre-war works brilliantly for me). I know that the post-war has a small effective window, and it's probably my fault for not being able to hold that. I really love the look of it and the feel in the hand, but I find it so mild and the cutting angle so small that I just can't get to BBS with it. And it's such a nice little nostalgic razor, too.

But my loss is your gain. Just because I don't get on with it, doesn't mean that it won't be the perfect razor for you. As everyone says here, YMMV. There are no requirements for this PIF. Just say, "I'm in," and...well...you're in! I'll leave it up for a week and then pass this lovely little razor on to someone else who can give it the attention it deserves.

The Tech is an icon, a classic, a wonderfully shaving razor! Thank you for your generosity, sir. Respectfully, not in.
Congrats, @FunkyFantasy . You're the winner with a randomly generated number of 11. Send me a PM with your address, and I'll get this razor in the mail to you. I hope that you enjoy it!
Hi, I think my account might be too new to PM people or something, because I don't see an option available. Would you be available to email it to me?
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