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PIF- Penhaligon’s Bayolea cream

Hi gang!

I received this shaving cream as a PIF and it’s not for me, so I’m passing it on again.

This is very different. It’s non foaming, lather free and goes on thick. Almost like a high quality cold cream. Here’s a description: Bayolea Conditioning Shave Cream

I’d like to limit it to those who have never tried it before. If so, just say “I’m in” and I’ll ship it anywhere in the lower 48.



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I've not had great luck with non-lathering creams myself. Not in for me. The worst non-lathering I bought was Barberians shave cream from Denmark. Not slick, won't stick, no scent and it cost me $30. I basically spent $30 for a jar of nothing.
I’ll give it another day and then pick a post at random whenever I log in tomorrow. Thanks all for the interest!!
@Dryphter wins!!

Dryphter, PM me your shipping address and I’ll have it in the mail this weekend.

Thanks everyone for your interest!!
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