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GIVEAWAY! PIF - PdP 63 and Parker Shaving Soaps (CONUS)

If you’re interested, just reply “I’m in.”

I got an awesome PIF of three soaps from @LMcC back in July. I’m going to keep the Proraso, but the Pré de Provence 63 just wasn’t for me. I tried it twice. I think LMcC said he used it 10 times, so it has about a dozen uses. You can still make out the 63 on the soap. I never tried the Parker, so it is still brand new. I opened it and smelled it and was going to try it but then thought, “I already have plenty of soaps now. I don’t need to try it. I should PIF this new.” So I am.

I would like to offer this to someone who has never tried PdP 63 before.

I’ve seen people say it’s great for cooler weather, so I guess now’s the time to PIF it. I’ll let this run for a week. Next Sunday when I visit my sister, I’ll have her pick a winner randomly from among entries. Good luck!

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