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GIVEAWAY! PIF Parker Semi-slant

I haven't found the original box for the Parker. Otherwise, all systems are go. I will let this PIF run until this evening, then let the random loose.

Just to be transparent, the guys I beat out on the @kaufdrop27 Yaqi Slope PIF (and who also entered here) have each been given an extra entry in this Parker PIF. That is just a couple guys. The playing field is only slightly tilted.

Slantember is coming! I feel it in the air!
A nice offer. I decided against getting this as it looks too close to the Merkur 39C which I already have a couple of.
Edit: For clarity, I'm out.

You are very right. They are close cousins, easily mistaken for siblings. Both fine, fine razors.

Being mainly a short/skinny handle guy myself, my 39C beat the Semi Slant out the door, but they will both be well loved in their new homes.
Womens World Cup semi-final kicks off at 3am Pacific Daylight. AUS v ENG, Oz v Jolly Olde

I will close the PIF before game time. Then kick off the Final for the Parker Semi. Sounds wrong somehow...

No, I'm not sending you guys to penalty kicks. I'll be rolling a 12 or 20-sided die, just once. That's all it takes to finish this PIF in regulation time.
This is one I would like to try but, looks like I missed the cutoff time to be "in".

Best wishes for whoever gets this fine PIF.
Half time, ENG up 0-1, killer strike by 10 Toone. AUS could have pressured the shot. Keeper had no chance.

But, here on B&B, we have a winner!

@borwish the Semi will be headed your way. Was your Fatip slant experience with an SB or OC? In any case, the Semi is a very different slant.

PM me a mailing address. I will be sending you a few ideas for an add on.
Fantastic Sam Kerr strike. 1-1

She started her run on her own half, one takes on three on the counter and scores!
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