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GIVEAWAY! PIF Merkur 34c and other stuff

I was going to wait until I had been here a full year before posting a PIF, but seeing all the good and helpful people on this site has led me to shorten that time. Having just won a generous PIF from @borwish, I found that the reactions of others made me realize just how much I am part of this fine community. Please consider the PIF a small attempt on my part to honor all of you.

All you have to do say that you are in (CONUS only, sorry). I will wait a four or five days and then use a random generator to pick the winner.

The PIF includes a Merkur 34C in excellent condition. I used it for a month or so before RAD took over. Also included are a Kiehl’s Precision Shave Lotion (new) and a bottle of Truefitt & Hill’s Pre-Shave Oil (also new). There are pictures below. I am sure that a few tucks of blades will somehow find their way into the package.

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