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PIF - looking for some folks who want to try something new.

I have a few razors I want to offer as a PIF. It's a basic "take a razor, add a new one if you can (but not mandatory), and pass the lot on to the next name on the list" proposition. Too many PIFs are CONUS only, so it'd be great if the first few recipients were NOT in the USA, or if they are, they should be willing to ship to the next person abroad. I'm in Canada and don't want to spend too much on initial shipping, but if someone down the line wants to ship elsewhere in the world, that's OK too.

Ideally as guys (or gals?) participate, they post about which razor they kept, what they added, and who they sent the lot to next.

This is the selection I can contribute initially:


From left to right:

1) U1 code black handle superspeed. Functionally great, but has a few cosmetic blemishes on the TTO knob.

2) A freshly replated (nickel) made in Canada thick-cap Old Type head. BackroadsGold did the work, the head was originally chromed (I know, unusual), so BRG had a bugger re-plating it, but they got it done and it's shave-ready - just combine with your favorite handle.

3) early post-war Gillette fat handle tech. Made in Canada, 1932 patent date. Very functional razor with a great handle. I have doubles, so hopefully someone else likes this model as much as I do.

4) An Old Type clone, made in Germany, with some sort of metric(?) cap thread. Comes in a cute nickel travel razor case. Handle missing. Someone can likely make a handle that will fit if they want to.

5) PAA bakelite slant in Ox Blood. I really liked this razor at first and shaved with it for nearly a month, but after the novelty wore off, I prefer using metal razors personally. This one comes in the original box and is as-new.

6) Gillette NEW Deluxe Tuckaway 3 piece razor. These are normally a rare and expensive razor, but this one has almost no finish left so is in a PIF :). No bent teeth, it's mechanically good. There is some cap thread wear, but it still threads securely and holds a blade just fine. I shaved with it this morning, in fact. Great way to try an uncommon and collectible early Gillette.

I intend to ship to the first respondent in North America who is NOT in the CONUS, and after that, it's up to the next guy to decide where they can/will ship next! :)
Update: initial mailing will go to Yoteboy later today.

Other members indicating they are in:

-Your Majesty
I might be in, not sure about the shipping fees though.
Resides in Sweden, Europe. I'm afraid the shipping is crazy across the pond.
Any idea what it might be?
I'm in if it's humanly shipping fees.
I`m interested in 2) & 3)
Location: Hungary, Europe

And about postage, it should be around 10-15 euros ($) if you send it with a "normal" post and bellow 0.5kg (1.1lb). I don't know what are the prices for other carriers.

Good luck everyone ;)

Order of interested folks:

-Yoteboy (shipped here first on August 30th)
-Your Majesty
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