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PIF - Long Rifle Shaving Soap "Leatherstocking"


The Lather Maestro

You're supposed to say: "RogerThat, what is your 20? Over."


Congrats to the winner! 🎉

Good news! Just received the Long Rifle Leatherstocking Shave Soap. Thanks to @JCinPA for his generous PIF.

He threw in some extra goodies that I've never used before: Vintage Schick Super Platinum blades, samples of Stirling Executive Man Shave Soap and A/S Splash. Also an impressive blade sampler that includes some blades that I haven't used before: Polsilver Super Iridium, Gillette Nacet, Personna Med Prep and more.

The soaps and splash smell great! Looking forward to shaving with the Long Rifle Leatherstocking Shave Soap and trying these blades.

Thanks again to JCinPA. Watch this space for updates!



The Lather Maestro
Soooo glad you like the scent of that soap! Because it is truly a stellar performer, no doubt about that. I'm just not a patchouli scent guy, I guess. Can't wait to hear how you like it. It is for sure in my "Excellent" tier of lather products, and had I used it 2-3 more times, it may have cracked into my "Tier One" lathers. So glad it found a new home with someone who likes the scent. :D
Vintage razor.
Vintage blade.
Excellent soap.
Great Shave.
This is the way.


Great news! Long Rifle Leatherstocking Shaving Soap is a winner. I agree with @JCinPA that this soap is a stellar performer.

Just finished my shave, wow, Wow, WOW... Is this real life? One of the best shaves of my 3 year wet shaving career.

This is my first shave with this soap. Shaved with my 1953 Gillette Ball End Tech. Cold water, 3 pass shave (wtg, xtg, atg) on 4 days stubble. No nicks, cuts or irritation. BBS result. Didn't use a pre shave so I could fully experience and test this tallow based soap.

The main scent notes listed on the label are Cedar wood, Pine, Orange and Patchouli. The scent off the puck that I detect is earthy, buttery, woody. 4 out 10 scent strength. Smells great. Lathered up some faint citrus comes out, 1 out 10 scent strength.


Long Rifle Soap lathers easily, peaky, moist, thick yogurt like lather. This soap takes lots of water. Tried to drown it on my Sunday night test lather and could not break down its lather goodness. Feels good on the skin, great barrier of slickness and cushion, good initial and residual slickness, good razor glide and post shave feel.

Fun fact: This was my first use with an American Artisan Soap, Vintage blade and Pinaud Clubman A/S.

Again I want to thank @JCinPA for his great PIF. I was blown away by the additional goodies he included.

Tested and approved. I highly recommend Long Rifle Shaving Soap.


The Lather Maestro
OMG, and you added my favorite A/S splash, and the Omega Professional brush to the mix! How could that not be a shave for the ages?!

Glad you liked it! And thank @Pressroll who PIF'd it to me first. If I liked patchouli scents, it would never have left my den! Terrific soap. Glad you enjoyed it, sir!

I'm still enjoying a Wild West Shaving Co. soap and Proraso red Pre Shave cream he sent me, too. Pay it forward, there is Karma involved, I promise!

Thanks for the post, Roger!
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