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PIF - Long Rifle Shaving Soap "Leatherstocking"

I'm in! ( if if you send to Romania. if not..., I apply for a visa for the USA!)
nice PIF, congratulations !


A little poofier than I prefer
Awesome PIF! Respectfully not in, as I'm still working through my tub. I get more pine than patchouli from mine, maybe its the batch or just my nose more sensitive to the pine. Very woodsy! Oddly enough, no leather (Brown Bess for that!). Let me just say that you are correct that Long Rifle soaps are awesome, maybe even a little underrated. The Daniel Boone/Natty Bumpo schtick is fun, but totally backed up by great scents and performance. Get on this one, guys!
I'm in. Thanks for doing this. I am another one who has often toyed with the idea of buying a Long Rifle soap, but who just never pulled the trigger.
And the winner is @RogerThat if he is in CONUS. I keep forgetting to mention that (my bad), but shipping to Europe is nearly $30, a crazy amount for a tub of used shaving soap. Canada is a little better, but still, for a used (but outstanding) shave soap, it doesn't make much sense.

Waiting to hear back from him as to his location.
You're supposed to say: "RogerThat, what is your 20? Over."


Congrats to the winner! 🎉
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