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PIF - Long Rifle Shaving Soap "Leatherstocking"


The Lather Maestro
This was originally PIF'd to me by @Pressroll, along with some other items, and I am re-PIF'ing not because it is anything less than a stellar performer -- I'm just not a patchouli scent kinda guy, they do nothing for me.


This one is described as "Cedarwood, Pine, Orange, Patchouli". Now for those of you who KNOW you like patchouli scents, I cannot sing this soap's praises high enough. I am not kidding when I say that as a performer, this soap is in the Tabac (old) or Mitchell's Wool Fat neighborhood. I am grateful to the generosity of Pressroll, but it would be horrible if this soap sat, unloved and unused, in my shave den (which it would) when there is someone out there on the B&B who knows they would love this type of scent. I want to get it into the hands of someone else who will give it the love and respect it deserves. I did a search, and this is not well-known maker around here, but those who have written it up feel as I do about its superb performance. If you love patchouli, respond with "IN" and I'll pick a winner next Saturday (10/16).

P.S. There are a lot of new members here, so if you are not familiar with the PIF concept, it stands for "Pay it Forward". Folks like me who try something that is high quality but not to their liking, people who have their SWMBO threatening to move back in with their mother if they don't clear out the shave den a bit, or just someone feeling generous because they just got a raise, or they just won a PIF, or just because it makes them feel good. @Atlantic59 has made some good points about conducting a PIF, one should list the screen names of those who are in on a numbered list, then use an online random number generator to pick the winner. This eliminates folks who are not in, and those who post twice. Excellent process. Etiquette is (certainly not required) that the recipient should post a thank you post with some photos of the PIF goods and a review of what they think of them after using them. And be sure to then PIF yourself at some point (no obligation) because there certainly is "PIF Karma" around here, you want some of that!




The Lather Maestro
Great PIF, and a brand of soap I have wanted to try for a while now. However, I have not made up my mind about patchouli, so not in.

Thank you, sir, that was very gentlemanly of you! Yeah, I'm hoping the folks who are in already know they like patchouli. I'd love to keep this soap and use it, it's such great lather, but I know it will sit unloved in my den because of the scent. Patchouli has its fans, though! So far, still looking good for Hairless! :lol:
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