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GIVEAWAY! PIF: Just for the Brown Leaf Denizens - Shave ready vintage straight razor. CONUS only please.

I am offering a free, shave ready vintage straight razor. This PIF is open to regular Brown Leaf denizens who have at least 50 of posts in the Brown Leaf forums and who have NEVER tried using a traditional straight razor before. Shipping will be for CONUS members only and shipped via Priority USPS mail. I will be securing the assistance of our esteemed leader @luvmysuper to help with the 50 posts thingy.

The razor itself is a vintage Carl Schaaf Solingen 9/16 round point, full hollow straight razor. (Pictured below) This is a razor that I acquired from the Bay months ago as part of a matching set. It is a smaller, lighter and very nimble barber’s razor with a slightly narrower width. The width is ideal for shaving your entire face to include those hard-to-reach areas around the chin and (Gulp!) under your nose when you are ready. This is a great little razor to learn on before or if you decide to buy something more expensive and begin another addiction.

The razor is “shave ready” as I have personally honed it from bevel set on a 1K synthetic Shapton through a Japanese Natural (JNAT) stone progression from beginning to end. It has been shave tested and will be completely touched up, disinfected and oiled in preparation for shipping to the person randomly chosen. I have been honing my own straights for a decade now and find my edges to be on par with most, but not all who hone here.

If you want in on a random drawing for this free gift, you will need to pick up a leather strop on your own. You will not need to learn to hone right away. That is up to you if you stick with it. Or you can send it out for touch ups or honing later on.

If you would like to be considered for this PIF, you should have at least 50 posts here in the Brown Leaf forums. Please respond to this thread with a phrase like:

I am in! (I smoke cigars, I smoke Pipes, I smoke both)

Yes please! (I smoke cigars, I smoke Pipes, I smoke both)

I will let the thread run until Friday, June 17th and will use a random number generator to pick the winner. If none of the Brown Leaf Gents show interest, I will repost in the greater forums later.

Again, this is open to CONUS members only due to mailing costs, et al.



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This is a wonderful PIF! I’ve never had nor used a straight razor and would like to try someday. So with that being said, yes I smoke pipes (mostly cobs😃) and yes I do smoke cigars, both outside!😎 With that being said, I’m in!
A great PIF! I’m in. I smoke pipes and the occasional cigar. I’ve wet shaved for half a century going from DE to Gillette multi blades to Harry’s back to DEs and back to Harry’s/DE depending on how lazy I feel. I’ve toyed with the idea of trying a straight for several years but haven’t pulled the trigger. This would be the nudge I need. Thanks for the chance!
Wow nice pif! I am in! I smoke both pipes and cigars. Started with pipes but cigars followed quickly. I do tend to smoke pipes more often and use cigars as a treat. I’ve been wet shaving a little while on and off. Not nearly as long as some others here. I have a handful of straight razors and a small collection of safety razors. As of late I pay most attention to the vintage gillettes that belonged to my grandfather. My grandmother gave them to me shortly after his passing. I do enjoy the straight razors. The upkeep sometimes makes me bypass them though.

Great looking razor and pif! I appreciate the opportunity 👍
One last "Bump" this evening. I enjoyed my last shave today to test the edge out. I'm pleased with the performance of this edge and will conduct some touch ups tomorrow morning and prepare the razor for shipping to the winner of this PIF. I'll run some laps on the JNAT with water only, strop and disinfect the razor for the new owner.

Tonight's shave .. MdC Fougere and an after shave balm of Proraso unscented.

I'll report back tomorrow with our winner. Thanks for playing along.

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