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  1. Graydog

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    Bocote is a very nice wood to work with, I like it very much .
    here are a few that have found homes here on B&B

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  2. Wow. Just wow.
  3. Those are beautiful, I’m in please!

    I wouldn’t give my younger self any advice. I remember how I was and I wouldn’t take my own advice anyway. I have always been kinda “in the moment”. I think life is like flowing water and actions are rocks placed in the water. They can make the water change flow and direction. If I alter the past, I change the future. My wife and I have been together for 30 years. I am truly blessed and wouldn’t want to change that.
  4. That is some beautiful wood! and brushes!
  5. Great PIF. I'm not sure what I'd tell myself though.

    I know the consequences of the choices I made, but don't truly know the consequences of the alternatives. No choice I made was ever all bad, and always had good elements, even if the overall curve didn't have the greatest outcome. Maybe I'd just give myself a nod and say "ignore the crowd, go your own way, and create your own path". I did that anyway, but I suppose it would be nice to know I wouldn't reach this stage of life with any major regrets. :)
  6. @Graydog I already answered the questions a while ago to get in on this, but I also have to complement you on the backdrop. Is the whole wall covered in Spidey? How big is your collection?

    Anyway, thank you for this. They look beautiful. I am actually very new to this and have yet to get a brush - I have just been using fingers, lol, so this is really cool and exciting. Even if I am not picked, thanks! You rock!
  7. Graydog

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    The back walls around my desk have Vintage Spider-Man issues hanging up as wallpaper this is a old picture from when I first made the desk 2-new desk 002.jpg 1-new desk 010.jpg
  8. I am in. Those are really nice.
    I would tell a younger me to be nice to everyone and enjoy life.
  9. REV579

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    That is out-a-sight!
  10. Excellent choice! He was always my favorite!
  11. These are some very nice looking brushes, and its always a pleasure to see how great they look on the end.

    Thanks for this questions/topic and of course for your generosity.

    I would probably tell myself, just do it, don't be afraid and don't wait for life to slip through your fingers. But at the same time I know that you are ready when you are ready, there is no speeding up. And wisdom from others in never the same as when you get to that point, maybe minutes or years later when you have that "aha moment" and then you know, that person was right, that is true...
  12. I'm In... I need a handle only & you do nice work for sure!
  13. I'd tell myself to go back to the NCIS detachment on my ship and spill everything I'd come to know about the department I was in. I figure that was the one point in time when the crucible was hottest and the pour could have gone so many different ways. There is so little I knew at that time, I Did do what I thought I could live with, and I have. But there were so many different outcomes which were there at just that moment in time.
  14. I would try to pass on a little bit about a) holding my temper and b) finding a girlfriend.
  15. Great pif. Such beautiful work indeed. Amazing. Im in !
    As for my 20 year old self, what would i say and would he listen. I would hopefully tell him something useful about how to deal with stress and loss in more productive ways. Dont stay comfortable take risks and buy apple stock and learn computers not being discouraged by what seemed to be insane cording.
  16. great pif, i’m in too

    About 10 years ago I moved to a place where you can see the stars in the sky pretty clearly. So when i get a chance to look up on a great night and catch the constellations I am always thinking back to 20 years ago when I just moved to a pretty distant island for a couple years where the views were amazing (for work/not a missionary) everyday was filled with new things and people. I met some phenomenal people and built wonderful relationships. I dont wish I had done anything differently, i just wonder how my life would have turned out if i had stayed in the states.
  17. Clear dark skies! You can't tell why it is called the Milky Way anymore, except out in the desert, or similarly remote place.
  18. You can see it from Lake Fork. Not as much light pollution out there.
  19. REV579

    REV579 Contributor

    And to your East as well.
  20. Graydog

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    When I was a very Young Man of 17 :)
    My Brother-in law Dave took Me on a Fishing trip up into the Canadian wilderness
    Wow ,talk about stars . It is something Dave and I always talked about going back .
    Sadly We never did . Scan0036.jpg

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