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Discussion in 'Brush Making and Restorations' started by Graydog, Feb 20, 2019.

  1. Graydog

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    I always seem to pif brushes in the General Shaving section of B&B
    I figured I should try People looking at Brushes in some way .
    Anyway I have 10 or so handles almost complete, some have knots and others are blank and they need a place to call home .
    Is this the place to PIFm or not ?
    They are all made of some sort of wood ,some are mixed woods .
    I will post a few pictures after I sort them out .
    So is anybody interested ?
    I would do a Random drawing. Just one question to answer .(ok 2 questions )
    I was sitting on my deck in the backyard watching Grace ,I do this every morning and think about what my day holds for Me and I started thinking what would 20 year old Graydog be thinking about ,What was his day going to be ? What would You talk about with your younger self if You sat with You ?
  2. Not sure what 20 year old Graydogs day would be like. 20 year old GAW9576 would be heading out for a day of cutting concrete, a job I did for 17 years total that I never liked. I was full of depression and anxiety about the future, and how long that future might be. At the time I didn't want it to be very long. I'm glad now to be 42, an age I never planned on reaching. I've been married 19 years now, some very good some very rough. I have 3 wonderful children that I homeschool. I would tell 20 year old me not to worry so much about the future that he can't predict or control, and give him some marriage advice and financial advice that would help him avoid some of the rough years. But mostly let him know the future gets better, to try to enjoy the life he has to live today and try to make wise choices for tomorrow but not worry so much about what tomorrow brings. Oh yeah and buy lots of antique shaving gear now while it's probably allot less expensive and you have more disposable income.
  3. Having been blessed with your brushes, I can say without question that folks would be thrilled to have the opportunity to win one, handle only or a complete brush. What forum you use to do so is up to you, in my opinion.

    If I were to talk to my younger self, I would probably realize that I wouldn't listen even to my older self. I really knew it all back then, and somehow forgot most of it - grin. However, I would tell myself to invest time in marketable skills, don't think anything is forever, and enjoy each moment, even the difficult ones, as they come. When the kids were young, funds were tight, I worked two jobs, and lived in a very small house. I miss those times. Financially I had much less, but I was still rich in life. Oh, and I would tell myself to invest in more firearms and woodworking equipment ...
  4. REV579

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    I am definitely interested, but where you post it seems to be based on the audience you hope to target.
    Talking to a 20yr old REV579, I would tell him to buy Microsoft stock, enroll in the Studies Abroad program, eat better, spend more time in the wilderness, and realize planning enables flexibility, it doesn't hinder it.
  5. I’m in.

    If I could talk to my younger self, I would tell me to listen to my gut more in relationships. I spent too long in bad relationships because I was too scared to get out. Now I have a wonderful wife, and everything is good.

    And start working out. I was way late to the game on that one.
  6. Graydog

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    Great reflection Greg

    I was thinking about forever the other day----It is along time :)

    What no Apple stock :)

    Congratulations A Wonderful Wife is one of the best things that ever happened for Me ,41 years in March :)
  7. Graydog

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    Here is a Photo of a few in need of homes
    all of these need to be finished in some way or other PIF 22.jpg
  8. REV579

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    I was introduced to Microsoft in it’s beta form and my professor said, this one should stick. Don’t worry about Lotus and Word Perfect. But again, that was when I was 20.
    I also had a guy try and talk me into Tesla over a decade ago.

    Those are awesome!
  9. It wasn't easy to type that. It can be hard to share some times/things, that and my hands where a little shaky and my eyes got a little foggy. Scary to think how many times I almost didn't make it through the day.
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  11. Graydog

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  12. Wow @Graydog those are beautiful. What kind of wood is the one in the middle? Or a rundown of all if you want. Your work is always inspiring. I hope to improve my skills to a level near yours. How long have you been turning?
  13. Graydog

    Graydog Contributor

    What Middle :) the one with the Bocote top and backyard Maple base or the Zebra wood ?
  14. A younger me?
    Take the time to learn the truth. Too many significant life decisions were made because of how I felt, what I thought was right at the moment or because of pure selfishness.

    Had I taken time to answer the questions, what is my primary purpose in life and how would those decisions affect my purpose, I may have spared my bride and myself a lot of grief and heartache. I may have avoided the years of running from the satisfying work I now embrace with joy.

    Methods are many, principles are few; methods will change, principles never do.” - Warren Wiersbe
  15. I would imagine he would be thinking of you, his family, with love. As a dog person, it seems that most dogs think of that and just want to be together.

    Instinctively, I would be tempted to offer some career advice or investment advice to my younger self, or even a few "watch out on this date" or "this illness is realy cancer.." type advice. Especially so thinking of loved ones that passed. But looking just now at my wife, son, and daughter, I would not want to alter a thing for fear of not having them in my life the way they are. We might not be the most well off, but we are together, and healthy, and happy. I may just leave it to a simple passing hi, or wink and hope things don't change.
  16. All very good responses. I wish we where all so wise at 20 and didn't think we knew everything.
    @Graydog. The bocote and backyard maple. I've never worked with bocote so didn't recognize it.
  17. I would recommend the handles in this forum. This is where people looking on how to re-knot, brush construction, and just looking at beautiful works go. For the brushes, I would recommend the brush forum.

    My younger self? Probably just slight changes to job and educational choices. Of course looking up stock changes and splits would be useful :)

    Had I not just received 2 brushes and 1 handle I would be interested, but I try not to be greedy :)
  18. I’m in.
    If I were to speak to myself , stop I wouldn’t speak to myself- I’d put my younger self in a headlock and wrench my younger neck trying to instil the value of doing well in school. I’m tired of my body feeling old from doing physically demanding jobs all my life just because I didn’t want to put the time into studying.
  19. mrlandpirate

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    I’m in.
    I don't know that I'd tell me anything , life now is very good and if I changed my past I might mess this up
  20. Beautiful work, Graydog.

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