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Discussion in 'Brush Making and Restorations' started by Graydog, Mar 15, 2019.

    Congrats everyone.
  1. Congrats to the winners.

    I hope you all post the finished product when you seat a brush head. I can't wait to see these when complete.
  2. mrlandpirate

    mrlandpirate Contributor

    congratulations to all
    thanks Graydog
  3. Congrats to the winners. Wonderful PIF, Steve.

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  4. Congratulations to the lucky winners! They are beautiful pieces & would love to see the finished brushes
  5. emwolf

    emwolf Contributor

    gorgeous handles and congrats to the winners! Great PIF. Regarding the smoking dog, I remember we used to have several smoking dog and monkey toys when I was a kid. They were very small and had special "cigarettes" you'd put in their mouths, light 'em up and they'd puff away.
  6. Just got this beauty in todays mail. I'll update once knot is set.
    Thanks a lot @Graydog.
  7. Congratulations that's a beautiful brush handle.
    I never saw it in other photos but in that picture I see an owl.

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  9. My Graydog brush arrived yesterday, he was good enough to set a Maggard mixed knot in it for me and wouldn't even let me pay for shipping.
    I've always thought that olivewood brushes are so nice looking, and I'm really stoked to be the lucky recipient of this one!
    IMG_0810.jpg IMG_0812.jpg
  10. Very nice. Let us know how you like the knot. The handle is beautiful.
  11. I’m definitely looking forward to trying it out. I can say without hesitation that it sure stinks to high heaven right now! Probably the funkiest smelling knot I’ve had.
  12. They say the smell helps them lather better.
  13. Fun way to look at it! My Graydog special should be arriving today...I am stoked. Will post a photo ASAP.
    And what can you say about this man's generosity, including the way it extends to setting knots and postage.
  14. I know it is over, but I love dog threads.
    My sweet boy. May he RIP.


  15. He is a very talented and generous person.
    Look forward to seeing your brush and the knot you selected.

    Sorry for your loss. And thank you for your service.
    Service dogs and there partners/handlers (sorry I don't know the proper term) most form a very special bond.
  16. Here is my Graydog Maple Walnut creation, which will get its first outing shortly.
    I chose the Maggard synth knot for color coordination as well as functionality.
    This thing is a jewel!

  17. Wow. I am floored by the beauty of all of these. These all look so nice. Amazing work, as usual, greydog!
  18. Maple Walnut is a joy to use as well as a pleasure to look at.
    I just had a nearly complete BBS shave (save for my one small resistant spot on the neck).

    Other elements of the SOTD:

    GEM SE razor with chain-link handle
    Paladin Tobacco Road soap
    Bravas aftershave
    Stirling Sharp Dressed Man balm.

    Continued thanks to @Graydog -- an artist and an amazing B&B member.

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