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  1. Looks just so ferocious with the spikes. :)

    Bad boy dog smoking as well. :)
  2. IMG_1368.JPG @Daiķon She just held a 'fatty' in her mouth for a second or two while I took the picture. She goes out in the morning to check her P-mails by herself and there are occasionally bears, lynx or cougar or wolves or coyote around the community where we live along the Skeena river. So the spiky collar is a last line of defense in a worst case scenario. Our neighbour's dog went missing last week. Could have gotten eaten. I got the collar off the 'Bay from Asia. Type 'sharp spiked collar' in the search engine to find 'em. I paid about $12 to get it, but they have gone up in price a View attachment 965702 View attachment 965702 View attachment 965702 bit I've noticed since I got Chilly Dog her collar, eh? Here's a view of the homestead from down the road a bit. River on the left and 'the bush' or forest on the right behind the house. Lots of Canada geese & a few Trumpeter swans on the river now. They hang out here for a while before heading north. No Sandhill cranes yet. View attachment 965702 Sorry for all the pics on repeat. Can't figure out how to delete
  3. I’m in. Unfortunately I don’t have a dog because my wife is alleging to them.
  4. I’ll have to admit that I had to search around the forum to figure out just what this PIF thing is. Pay It Forward at some future time. I think this is a good and noble endeavor! I’m in if you’ll have me?

    Ella is our 5 year old GSD. There is not a mean bone in her body. She gets along well with her cats Rambo and Nutmeg as well as our daughter’s Papillon Sadie, who isn’t always so nice lol.


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  5. Graydog

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    Ok it is closed. I have random picker pick and we have 4
    Handles to give away. remember these handles have no knots
    but if you have a knot that you want me to set in the handle you choose
    you would just have to send it my way .

    So @jceg gets the first pick
    pick #2 is @Rory1262
    pick #3 is @jesseix
    pick #4 is @Smedley5

    The handles have been drilled for a 26mm except handle #1 and it is drilled for a 24mm knot

    So after @jceg makes a pick of one of the 4
    and sends me a pm with the selection and address
    I will pm @Rory1262 for His pick and so on until all 4 are gone
    I want to thank everyone for all the great pictures and stories. 1-PIF Here 2.0 (1).jpg 1-PIF Here 2.0 (1).jpg
  6. Congratulations!

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  7. Great pictures, great pif, great handles, and congratulations to the four of you!

    And to everyone: give your pets a treat from me!

    1 can tuna
    1 cup flour
    1 egg

    Mix together and put into ziplock bag. Cut corner off bag and pipe "appropriate sized amounts" ( I do mine a bit bigger than a Hershey kiss) on to a foil lined baking sheet.
    Bake at 350 for 20-40 minutes. Let cool before serving to favorite four legged friend.
  8. Congrats to the winners! Thanks @Graydog for another outstanding PIF!
  9. Graydog

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  10. What pleasure to have a Graydog original. Many thanks again! Standing by for my choice.
  11. Wow. I am very fortunate!!
    Thanks a lot Graydog.
  12. Graydog

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  13. The Keyhole would have been my choice too, but you can't go wrong with any of these...happy for @jceg.
  14. Graydog

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    You are up @jesseix , #3 is gone and #1 is also gone to @Rory1262 .
    please pm me with your choice and address .the two handles that are remaining are both drilled out for a 26mm knot.
  15. This is too cool, thank you good sir! I will ping you shortly
  16. Congrads to all the winners!
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