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PIF - Gold Dollar W59 Straight Razor (Modified)

Shipping Philippines Only

Make: Gold Dollar
Model: "Classic Quality" (aka W59)
Size: 6/8
Edge Length: 54mm (2-1/8")
Scales: Black Ebony(?) Timber
Condition: As new (except for modification)

While properly setting the bevel on the blade, I notice a minute crack in the edge about 6mm (1/4") from the heel. I filed the blade back from the heel to remove the crack and continued with setting the bevel. The razor's edge is now shave-ready - to my standard.

The Tin Box
GD Box.jpg

Inside The Tin Box
GD Box Open.jpg

Razor Before Modification
GD Profile.jpg

Razor Now

I would prefer to PIF this SR to a person in the Philippines who is already wet shaving and wants to give straight razor shaving a go. If you find that SR shaving is not for you, I would like this razor to be PIFed on. You will need your own brush, shave soap and at least a strop to maintain the edge.

If you are interested in receiving this PIF, reply in this thread with why you would like it. I will then decide (name out of a hat?) who to send it to.
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Nice looking razor. I really need to get one of those to practice honing curves blades.
Very generous! Spanish point blades have such an interesting look. :thumbup1:

With respect, not in (since I'm not in the Philippines).
If I were in the Philippines….
I am ready to try a straight, but just cannot decide how much to spend, which to get, if it will actually be "shave ready". So then I decide to go shavette. But then still choices and I would really rather it be a straight. So I look and look and cannot decide. Sigh. Story of my indecisive life LOL Good luck to the Philippine B&B'ers
I'm just curious, how are those to hone? The shape of the spine doesn't look like it would lie well on the hone?
The blade is just a high carbon steel with little or no chromium is it so it is fairly easy to hone and get a good edge. The slight smile in the edge did not prove a bother to me. Just a slight gentle rocking was required while honing. Most tend to over do it when honing a smiling edge.

The shape of the spine does not affect the honing as it is only the lower edge of the spine (which is straight) that comes in contact when honing.
@rbscebu, maybe your friend Erwin might be a likely candidate to receive this PIF. Having you available locally to advise him on proper use would be an ideal situation.
I first offered this to Erwin but he respectfully declined. He doesn't want to try anything else after getting his Ming Shi 2000S.
Thank you. I'm fine with smiles, it was just that cut out on the back that I was thinking of.
The shape of the top of the spine has no effect on the honing. Only the bottom edge of the spine comes in contact with the honing surface and that bottom edge needs to be and is parallel to the blade edge.
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It's not easy giving away a SR in the Philippines. If not taken by the end of February 2020, I'll have to think of something else for this razor.

My Filipino cabinetmaker saw one of my SRs this morning when we were discussing the case for my seven-day set. He then told me that he also wanted a SR.

We came to a deal. I give him my modified Gold Dollar W59 plus a cheap leather strop, synthetic genuine badger Chinese brush and a 75g tube of Sanoli Australian shave cream and he will make the case for free. I think we both got a good deal. I will also give him some basic instructions on how to shave with his SR.

We might have another convert.
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