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PIF From the UK, for the UK

Hi everyone, I have been here a while and greatly appreciate this forum, especially in the last few weeks which have been personally very tough for me, so I thought a small PIF was in order. Like many UK members I dread the words 'CONUS ONLY' so this PIF is for the UK only. The winner of this PIF will receive the following:

  • One English made Ever Ready 1912 SE Razor in excellent condition complete with original green bakelite case.

  • One lightly used Taylor Of Old Bond Street pure badger brush with a 19mm knot. This has been standing in my window for a while and one side of the handle has gone a bit yellow.

  • 19 new unused GEM PTFE stainless blades, plus one vintage PAL blade which is a bit rusty.

  • One small trial pot of Simpsons Peppermint and Rosemary shave cream, now no longer available.

  • One small trial bottle of Floid Mentolado Vigoroso aftershave. It will be decanted from the large bottle shown, into the small brown bottle. You will not receive the large bottle 😁

Under the current situation you may wish not to use the cream and aftershave, that is your decision.

This is open to anyone who has never tried SE shaving before but would like to give it a go, just remember to use a shallow angle by holding the handle away from the skin. Here are the rules, you must reside in the UK and never have tried SE shaving, and if you find that SE shaving is not for you and you will not regularly use the razor then I request that you offer it to another member to try, perhaps by way of a PIF like this.

I will leave this open until 12 noon on Sunday 10th May and then will pick a winner, that is assuming there is any interest! Just say you are in somewhere in the comments and I will contact you via PM for a UK mailing address. I will pay the postage but am not responsible if the item is lost or damaged in transit.

Anyway my friends, good luck and here are the items:

I will leave this open until 12 noon on Sunday 10th May and then will pick a winner, that is assuming there is any interest!
How could there not be?

A very generous PIF. I'm a UK resident and like you am often disappointed when I read 'CONUS ONLY', so I'm in. I haven't used a SE razor before but in my search for smooth it looks like my quest for ever more rigid razors will be leading this way, sooner or later.

Sorry to read you've been having a tough few weeks. To respond with a PIF like this both amazes and humbles me in equal measure and I wish you all the very best.

How incredibly generous of you mate. :)

I know we're all having a uniquely unpleasant time right now but it's great when people like yourself try to make it just that little bit less crazy and haunting. I've gotten back into my shaving just to stay calm from all the panic and house boundness. I have never used a SE but would atleast love a chance to win a functioning kit that's ready to go.

Anyway, thanks for the chance and good luck to our fellow countrymen who enter this giveaway.

I am in the USA, not the UK, but I want to applaud your PIF. It's terrific !
Good Luck to all who are going to participate. Enjoy all the great stuff !
And, more importantly..... please stay safe, smart, and healthy !


Thanks a lot, very nice to see someone from the UK doing something for those of us on the wrong side of the pond! I’ve only been to Cardiff twice, I’m ashamed to say, despite having lived in Bristol for a while.

I‘m definitely interested - haven’t tried SE shaving before, and an open to giving it a go after 10 odd years of DE shaving. Will have to decide before you close this to entry...
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