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PIF from BOTOC "Brotherhood of the Open Comb"



Just snagged these two Gillette "New" Short combs on ebay !
Obviously one is surplus to my requirements.
Heres the deal.
I would like to PIF the spare to anyone who is interested in and would like to try the feeling and experience of an Open Comb.

A few rules as kindly sugested by the BOTOC Guvnor.

1) You must not now or must never have owned an Open Comb Razor.
2) You are wiling to give it a months worth of shaves, trying various blade combos
3) That you must keep us updated on BOTOC with daily shave updates
4) If at the end...or before if you really don't like it, you return it to me to so I can PIF again.

And of course if you like the Open Comb experience you join us at the Brotherhood !

PM me if your in !​
As I've already mentioned in BOTOC thread and PM I would like to participate. Of course if the fact that I'm in Europe isn't an issue :001_rolle
swap you your bar handle for a ball-tip handle?

or maybe I should just PIF my duplicate too...

Nice PIF (dont count me in)!
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