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PIF for the troops thank you!


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I just wanted to put this thanks here where it is more visible. I want to give a big shout out to a couple of people who helped me find needed supplies to put my PIF together.

Harry (Mr. Scruffy) thank you very much for assisting me with locating the extra VDH sets I needed. Taking the time out of your day to go find them, and mail them to me was greatly appreciated. You are a good man.

John (LetterK) thank you so much for the assistance on the Feather Portables. The help you provided made it fiancially feasible for me to be able to put 3 extra kits together. You operate a 1st class business.

And a big thank you to the men and women who are putting there life on the line every day, so the rest of us can be free and enjoy this great nation.

Thank you all so much,
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