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PIF for rookies

This mystery PIF will include a brush, some soap, some DE blades, and some sort of aftershave product.

1. brand new or you have been away from traditional shaving and have little to no products.

Just post that you would like to be in the drawing. I will let this run for a week or two depending on the interest and pick someone. Good Luck.
I'd like to be in. I've never wet shaved before and I've been lurking around here for about a week(notice this is my first post) looking for what type of products i should get started with. I think I'm gonna get an Edwin Jagger DE89l sometime this week and see what happens. I'm currently using a cartridge, but its super expensive to refill and the 5 blades is irritating the mess out of my face.
Count me in, i have almost nothing. Thank you sir, never seen a group of gentlemen so interested in helping each other out.
I am interested.

Apologies if I am out of line by replying to this, as I am very new to this wonderful community.


I'm in. Just joined the site yesterday, and started wetshaving this week.

And CONUS means continental USA, according to a google search.
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