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Discussion in 'Brush Making and Restorations' started by NexlevMM, Apr 10, 2019.

    If anyone would like to try their hand at restoring brushes, I have two that I'm not going to bother with that you can have. One maderite and one EverReady 100T both needing restoration. But you'll have to cover shipping costs.

    If you want to be considered for them please leave a note in this thread and I'll pick one person later today, but must be able to cover the shipping to yourself, around 8 dollars USPS two day.

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  1. I would love to try restoring a brush
  2. REV579

    REV579 Contributor

    Great PIF, Not in as I have at least 8 in the cue, only 6 knots, and one knotless-handle MIA at this moment. AND, I have 3 inbound.
    BTW, a 20mm-22mm knot will work great in the 100T.
    100T-uxedo Restoration Complete.JPG IMG_0593.JPG

    I don't believe the H40 was in a non-smoking environment.
  3. Not in but I love the 100T/200T Ever-Ready brushes. Some day I’ll do a modern take on the shape. I hope somebody puts a little TLC into those.
  4. ajkel64

    ajkel64 Moderator

    Lovely PIF @NexlevMM, respectfully not in.
  5. Graydog

    Graydog Contributor

    Nice pif @NexlevMM.
    Can't wait to see finished Brushes.
    I am sure for first timers they would be able to get
    help from the Wonderful B&Bers here if they need it :)
  6. lancre

    lancre Contributor

    Nice PIF, @NexlevMM. Even though it's been two days, I'm not seeing a winner chosen here. If it's still open, I would like to be included. I would love to try my hand at restoring a brush.
  7. Just saw this as well. Have wanted to try my hand at brush restoration! I’m in if still available.
  8. I’ll jump in as well. I’m in please.
  9. I already received the two brushes. The thread hasnt been updated.
  10. lancre

    lancre Contributor

    Thanks for the update, @Suhrim21.
  11. No prob. It actually was cool. Because of this found out I live like a block from a member on here.
  12. In that case, congrats!
  13. Thanks. I'm reading how to do this so I can try.
  14. Good luck with the restoration!
  15. Thank you. I will post here updates on it.
  16. lancre

    lancre Contributor

    We'll be looking forward to them.
  17. Sorry, the winner has been chosen guys. Just so happens the first person to reply to the thread lived a block away. What are the odds!! Badger and Blade members are the best haha.
  18. lancre

    lancre Contributor

    That explains the quick delivery. Saves on the postage, too!
  19. absolutely. didnt even have to use gas .

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