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PIF for a new DE shaver

It's my turn! I've consumed like crazy from this forum since November 2019, and now I'm ready to give a little something back. Thanks to everyone for all the help you've given me over the last eight months. Hopefully some new DE shaver will enjoy sampling from this lot and shortcut a lot of their buying decisions.

  • Your account must have been created before this post.
  • Ideally, your account should be less than 90 days old, but it's not a hard requirement.
  • Preference will be given to members with at least a few quality posts.
  • You must live in the Continental United States since I'll be covering ground shipping and the aftershaves contain alcohol.
  • Post "I'm in!" prior to midnight on Thursday, June 26th. On Saturday the 27th I'll post the winner and ship it out.
PIF Items

- RazoRock SLOC with Radio Knob Handle
- RazoRock Plissoft Brush
- Soaps
- Stirling (all have been opened, test lathered, or used once with a clean brush then rinsed)
- Dunshire
- Sandalwood
- Executive Man
- Barbershop
- Coconut Lime
- Stirling Spice
- Piacenza
- Sharp Dressed Man
- Baker Street
- La Toja stick (hand lathered once, then rinsed)
- Palmolive Classic Stick (hand lathered once, then rinsed)
- Proraso Green (quite a bit left, always dispensed directly into the bottom of my shave bowl)
- Vitos Extra Super Coco (acquired here in the forum and I’ve never used it)
- TOBS Eton College
- TOBS Jermyn St
- Wholly Kaw Man From Mayfair
- Wholly Kaw Monaco Royale
- Barrister & Mann Bay Rum
- Proraso Wood And Spice
- Aftershaves
- Stirling (Executive Man used once, all others are new)
- Barbershop
- Executive Man
- Baker Street
- Coconut Lime
- Blade Samples (all brand new)
- Pesonna Platinum Chrome
- Voskhod Teflon Coated
- Shark Super Stainless
- Shark Super Chrome
- Gillette Silver Blue
- Tiger Platinum
- Dorco Prime Platinum
- Astra Superior Platinum
- Derby Extra
- Wilkinson Sword (German)
- Personna Med Prep
- Feather Hi-Stainless

(end of list)

That's about it. Thanks again to Badger & Blade for providing such an excellent place for us to meet and exchange information.

Happy Father's Day!



Totally bogus
I totally want to try a few of those soaps...but I cannot be greedy and rob some newer folks of a good PIF.

So I’m out of this one.

But great PIF.

I will be passing-on a few samples myself, soon.
Not US based, so respectfully not in... Otherwise I'd be in in a heartbeat! What a generous PIF, hats off to you sir!!!
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