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GIVEAWAY! PIF: Fatip Piccolo Nickel Open Comb

I ordered this Fatip Piccolo in March, to try something different in rotation with a Merkur 23C, Muhle R41 and vintage Gillette New Short Comb. I've used the Fatip maybe 6-8 times, and I've decided that it's not for me.
The 23C and Gillette are my daily shavers, and I like the R41 for a weekend "every other day" shave. I understand the Fatip is supposed to be milder than the R41, but I consistently get a much more comfortable shave with the R41, with less irritation, and a fine result. (I also prefer a longer handle.)
Let's call this a "Fatip Friday PIF". I'll randomly pick a recipient on Friday, June 17, as I'm tied up for the next few Fridays.
Just reply "I'm in", if interested. CONUS only, please.


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Bravo @Tom Bowman and to the Gents who want to try this little beauty!

A wise and bold move, especially for new-ish colleagues to try the open comb format. It will open a whole new horizon for your DE shaving experience. The Piccolo was my first OC, and since then I have become a great fan of OC razors. Marvellously efficient and very user friendly. Also great fun!

A lovely PIF and a great opportunity for Gents who have yet to experience the legendary Piccolo.IMG_20220205_204301538~2.jpg
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