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PIF coming

Less than 24 hours before I spin the wheel (OK, so it's computer driven) to see who wins. The strop is nothing special, but I hope whoever wins really enjoys the razor and soap samples. The strop has some nicks from learning, but I think it will be a good learning strop. If you want better than, I love Slash McCoy's strops. Good luck to everyone who entered. These are the names I have now. Please let me know if I missed you. This PIF is due to the kind generosity of another member. Therefore, I do not take any credit whatsoever.

Here is my list of entries:
@jaro 101969
@Zig the Pirate

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I meant to do this at 6:00, but better late than never (though better on time than late). @jmarlow send me your information and confirm which razor you would like (I assume still the top one). I will strop the chosen razor tomorrow on diamond pasted balsam and then on leather. Congrats. I plan on mailing it on Tuesday.

And thanks goes out to the unnamed member who inspired this PIF.

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If a moderator can remove my last comment, I would appreciate it. It was not intended for this forum as I did not intend a political view to be posted here. I apologize for posting it.

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