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PIF coming

So, a member here has sent me an incredible high end razor. This individual doesn't know me, but has blessed me with a very nice DE that is in the mail. So, I want to bless someone else with one of my straight razors and a poor man's strop. Just let me know which one of the three straight razors you would like. They have all been honed, but may need more work to be acceptable to you. I will also include a tuck of Naset blades, assuming you have a DE to use as well. Postage is paid CONUS, but I really can't afford to provide postage outside the US. If you are in and want to provide shipping, we can certainly work it out.

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By the way, the only rule is to say you are in, or indicate it somehow. I will also look at the Captain's Choice shave soap samples I have and throw in one or two.

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I'm in please. What a generous PIF! I'd be happy with any of them, but I think I like the top one. Thanks much for the opportunity, and good luck to all.

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Salutation to you Sir!! Very kind and generous.
I would normally say "I'm in" but will refrain this time since I can't even get my own SRs to shave ready. I would love to get a true shave ready SR to compare...
That is a very generous PIF! The recipient should be very happy with any of the 3 razors and strop. I am not in.
I will keep this open until early Sunday evening before using a random number generator. I have a few Captain's Choice soaps that I will throw in the box. The strop is used and does have a couple of nicks, but usable in my opinion. Glad to see there is some interest in straight razor shaving, whether from those with experience or those who want to dip their toes in the rabbit hole, uh, I mean water.

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I am interested in learning the art of straight shaving, though I will not give up my DE razors lol
Neither will I. In fact, the razor that has inspired me to PIF one of my eight straights is a high end DE, something I never would have purchased for myself.

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Very generous! I would love to try a SR. I'm in. If I have my pick I think I would take the top one with the tree. I know almost nothing about straights, so I dont know what I'm looking at really.

Thank you for the chance at this!

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