PIF Canada only: soaps, aftershaves, DE blades

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    Hello All,
    I am passing along the following box, which I received from the gentlemanly @jdburger.
    Details of the contents under the photos. I am also adding two more soaps (not in photos), Razorock Chicago (unused) and Razorock Don Donato (very gently used).
    *****IMPORTANT: this is within Canada only, because of the aftershaves.*****
    Lots of goodies in here. Try them out. Keep something you like, add something to box, then PIF it again. Share the love.

    If you're in Canada, and you're interested, just say "I'm in". Can't go wrong. I think I will let this run for a couple of weeks. Let's say it will last until Saturday Aug 25 becomes Sunday Aug 26, local Ottawa time), then I will pick an entry at random.
    Any questions, just ask.

    Good luck!

    Top row, left to right: Razorock Classic soap, Col Conk Lime soap, Omega soap, Captain's Choice Bay Rum soap.
    Middle row, left to right: Tabac soap, Stirling Soap Stirling Noir soap, Stirling Soap Coniferous soap, Stirling Soap Scots Pine Sheep soap, Godrej soap.
    Bottom row, left to right: La Toja soap, Body Shop Maca Root soap, Italian Barber Amici soap, Razorock Tobacco #1 soap.

    Left to right: Proraso white aftershave balm, Pinaud Clubman musk aftershave, Pinaud Clubman vanilla aftershave, Pinaud Clubman original aftershave, Italian Barber Amici aftershave, Osage Rub aftershave, Pinaud Clubman Virgin Island Bay Rum.

    IMG_20190126_114718.jpg Blades (Shaverboy, Derby Extra, Astra Platinum) + Brylcreem.
  1. Great to see a Canadian PIF.
    This is almost an insta-den, very generous.
    Although there is some stuff I'd like to try, respectfully not in, some other Canuck will be lucky to get it.
  2. ajkel64

    ajkel64 Moderator

    Yeah, I wish I was in Canada. Great PIF, respectfully not in.
  3. Wonderful PIF!! :a14::a14::a14:

    Unfortunately, I live near but not in Canada.
  4. Not in, but thanks for giving us Canadian wetshavers some love

    Somebody should stick some of the great Canadian artisan products in there
  5. So generous. Proud Hoser. I'm in.
  6. Looks interesting. I’ll be away in part of September but I’d be interested for another time. Good to see something for Canadian members.
  7. I’m in I suppose, but I’m new here

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  8. And I am in Canada!

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  9. Thanks for passing on this PIF box @mio_cuggino

    Credit should also be given to @FoxInfinitySunset who contributed a lot to this box!

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  10. Hmmmm... :detective:
    I've only tried one of the soaps, one of the aftershaves, and two of the blades.
    I'm in.
  11. I am not in

    but if this box makes its way to near Toronto I can add some blades and some other items from my den I never use.
  12. Awesome PIF, I'm in the Maritimes but am not in.
  13. Bump.
    A reminder that we're coming up to the end of this PIF.
    Be sure to sign up.
  14. Hello from Northern Ontario.
    Very generous pif! Some lucky hoser is going to be a very happy camper!
    Respectfully, not in. I already have too much stuff!
  15. NPK


    My first DE razor comes today...I am just learning about aftershaves today...forgot all about it.

    ...this us the first PIF I have seen open to Canadians....lol.

    I'd like to give these a whirl....I am in from Alberta!

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