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PIF: British Rocket

Here's a fine user-grade Rocket HD I want to share with the non-initiates. Well one non-initiate, so the deal is -- one British nickel plated Rocket HD is going to be offered to the community and if you haven't yet experienced a shave with this fine razor, post your interest here. I'll select someone using random.org by end of day Monday -- May 21. So let us know of your interest and (honor system ladies & gents) if you haven't already used a British vintage razor, you're eligible. The PIF is open to anyone -- wherever in the world you are.

Sorry it's a user grade rocket -- works fine just doesn't look great. Mainly some pitting & discoloration on the head.


Probably will look better after you apply some elbow grease, but it's really not a mint one. Nonetheless, try this one & then go for a minty Rocket.
Totally in.

Oh man, I'm in love with the UK rockets, and hope to get my hands on the hole line eventually.

I wonder how good a replating candidate this is!

edit: No Rocket experience, just love their looks!
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I have 0 rocket experience, I have only shaved with a EJ89 and Slims hopefully tonight an single ring that I just cleaned
Count me in please :D

Thank you
VERY nice PIF. I have a Rocket HD so not in on this one but someone is going to love getting this PIF...
Count me in, definitely haven't tried a rocket yet ; ) thanks

EDIT: I have to withdrawn, even though I don't own a Rocket, I have a few British Techs and a British Slim Twist.

Sorry, I should have read your post more carefully :blushing:
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I've not tried a Rocket, I've run a few bits of U.S. iron over my face I'd love to have one from the other side of the pond have a go.
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