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PIF as a way to say thank you.

I have a 1973 Super Adjustable Black Beauty. Also a pack of Astra blades.

I would like to give it to somebody who is new to wet shaving. Because so many of you helped me.

First one that responds, and fits the description, it’s yours


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Just to update everyone Badkarma's package arrived Saturday night. Along with the beautiful razor were also many different blades and a sample of Stirling's Christmas soap. Unfortunately I've been experimenting with a couple soaps I tried weeks ago and my face is in a bit of a state. I'm getting back to the tried and true and hope to be able to post photos and the details of my first shave with this beauty in the next couple days. I couldn't help playing with it a little bit and I'll tell you all that before I actually handled a razor like this I thought it would be much lighter than it is because of all the working parts. It feels at least as heavy as my Merkur 34c which will be nice when I start shaving with it. I'm so grateful to Badkarma for this beautiful razor and I'm stoked to give it a try here soon in the next couple days.
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