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GIVEAWAY! PIF artist club blades

Hi all!

I've gotten a lot of help in my short time here so I'd like to pay it forward and give away some of the stuff I bought and tried out while I was looking for stuff I liked, and this seems like a good time of year to do it. In addition to some razors in a different subforum, I have a bunch of artist club blades that I bought with a Vector that I tried and returned. I used 2 or 3 of the Proguards, one of the Professional, but none of the ProtouchMG blades. If anyone out there has an AC blade razor but needs blades and is short of cash, this is for you! Shipping is on me.

I've never done one of these before, but I'm guessing the best way to proceed would be to reply to the thread, and then send me a PM so I can get a name and address, first come first served. If there is a better way I should be handling this, feel free to let me know.

Congrats to @kaufdrop27. And thank you to @MikeyTX for doing this it was very nice of you. I'm sure he will enjoy them.. I know I am going to enjoy the Gem razor from you along with the SE blades with it to use. I can't wait to put it into the ultrasonic cleaner and then give it a spin !!!! Again thank you for doing these PIF's it was Very nice of you to do !!
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