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PIF... a Fine soap- American Blend (conus only)

Wanted to give back to the community... Up for random grabs is Fine American Blend shaving soap. New puck in box, never used. I love this scent and purchased it specifically for a PIF.

Only rules are that you have been a member for 30 days and have 50 posts. CONUS only on this one folks (sorry for that)

One last rule!- tell me what your favourite soap is.

I'm in! My favorite soap is TABAC. I've heard that Fine American Blend is supposed to very similar and have really wanted to try it and see.
Not in (I'm in Canada) but this is a great PIF!
I just recently discovered the Fine products and the American Blend is a wonderful scent. The aftershave splash is a must-try too!
I'm in. My favorite soap is Haslinger. I have only tried the coconut, but will definitely be purchasing others when the puck I have is close to gone. Thanks for the opportunity to try something new.

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I'm in. Have fine platinum and it's a great soap. Favorite soap would be SV felce aromatica

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I'm in.

My favorite is Williams or VDH... What can I say? They're the only ones I've tried. That's why I need to win this PIF! I've got to expand my horizons!
Not in ... but very generous! Get in on this one boys ... this scent is amazing and the soap performs fantastic. Might be my wife's favorite scent. Or close :)
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