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PIF- 2020 LE Pipe Artist's proof


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The St. Sue auction is something that I have started looking forward to each year. My mom was a breast cancer survivor but she unfortunately passed away unexpectedly earlier this year. Because of her passing this year's St. Sue auction was more about the donation for me than actually winning anything but I did manage to outbid @Jim and won the Artist's proof of the 2020 LE pipe. I was lucky enough to have been in the original group buy and already have one of these great pipes, so I have decided to PIF the artist's proof so someone else can enjoy it. I briefly considered PIFing my pipe but I have become quite fond of it so I decided to keep it. If you missed the announcement of the pipe or couldn't afford it at the time now's your chance.

The rules are simple.
1st, You can't have been in on the original group buy.
That's it.

I'm going to leave this open for a week. A simple "I'm in" will do it. I'll have my 3yr old pick a winner on the 11th. I'm willing to ship world wide so it's open to everyone.

Here's a couple of pictures. The pipe is stamped Badger and Blade, BL LE, and is numbered 00. Tobacco not included. 5DA2DF23-3556-4AC3-ACED-71963D63FC52.jpeg7EB7068C-4713-4354-A33A-753A8CDD6372.jpeg


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Amazing. Bravo sir!

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Not in but just wanted to commend you on a very generous PIF and offer my condolences on the passing of your mom. She raised a fine man.
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