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PIF - 12 Razor Blades - Gillette Rubie, Platinum, Sputnik, Rapira......

Here is the PIF:

Open to anyone with at least 25 post between now 4/15 and tomorrow 4/16
Blades will mail out Monday 4/17 via USPS first class mail

Blades include one of each:

Gillette Rubie
Gillette Platinum
Rapira Swedish Supersteel
Personna Blue
Dorco Prime
SuperMax Platinum Plus
Ming Shi Super White
Rapira Super Stainless
Rapira Platinum Lux

If you want to in the drawing just reply with I'M IN

I will pick the winner tomorrow on or around 11PM and notify them so they can send their address via PM.

For this PIF I would really appreciate anyone willing to come back and share a few words on the blades they receive for the benefit of the community.

Good Luck!

Not in, but very sweet selection of blades! I've tried most of them and each one gave excellent shaves!
Not in but whoever wins should try the sputnik first, then personna blue, then rapira stainless. All three are at the top of my list, extremely good results.
So far have entries for:
fast shaver

I have a random name picker I downloaded so it truly will be random with a photoshot of the name that gets chosen. Hoping a few more get their names in the hat before tomorrow to make it more fun.
NOT IN. An excellent and very generous selection. Some lucky person will be very happy with what he receives.
Glad to see a few more names on the list. So far:
fast shaver

I am off to visit family for the day. I will draw the name on or around 11PM tonight when I return. If the member is able to get my their shipping info it will ship out tomorrow morning.

Have a great day guys.

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