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Pierre La Lune Impressions

My final thoughts la lune
Shaved off blk ark and coti for 2 months then went back to la lune for fresh perspective

16 laps,, water few drops mineral oil
5 x water only seems sweet spot for my stone

Edge and shave marvelous, comfortable, sharp, , excellent post face feel

Few notes

Like every natural stone dependent
My rock seems to be a choice cut not imperfections
8x 2.5

La lune can easily refresh a razor using light slurry
( i only have slurry one side, other side is mostly 16x all thats needed
Stone easy to use and can easily be a daily driver type stone, 5-8 laps prior to each shave or a fresh edge will last several shaves

I have jnats, coti, ark and blk thuri
La lune is up in the tops catagories ease of use and comfortable shave

It does not look like or perform like other naturals but yields excellent results

Not trying to sell stone or justify my purchase but its a good stone for razors, at least mine is

Just reporting
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