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Pictures - need your opinion

I had the company whip up some coffee mugs in Gunmetal for you to see. Here is a quick shot of them and I wanted to see what you thought of them. Price would be $32.00 each and as you can see I had them do a variety of different sizes, etc to gauge feedback on. Is there one that catches your eye? Is there one that you would not buy because of the dimensions? Tell me what you think, no hurt feelings here. We need you to be candid with us so let's hear from you!



Will you quit it!! I'll have to have one, or two, or...

I like the far right, I like a big mug to take down to the shop. Cobalt Blue would be my preference.
I like the third one, from the right. It looks to be about the right size for my preference in mugs. I guess my only question is, what kind of market is there for high end coffee mugs? It would be a significant investment for you, so I assume you have already looked at it.

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I like the far Left and second from the Right. Shapes are appealing. I also like Cobalt Blue. Far right is too big for me.
Keep 'em coming guys, love to hear from you and it is most helpful.

They are beautiful but that's a lot of $s for a mug. Are you sure there's enough of a market at that pricepoint?
Very fair question David and glad you asked it. Frankly we won't know until we try.

For grins I just went to etsy.com which is a huge site with mostly hand made items. In their search function I entered "Pottery Coffee Mug." Here is the link but you will see that ours is priced right where these are priced. They are all over the map but me just eye balling it they look to be priced on average a bit above $30.00. https://www.etsy.com/search?q=pottery coffee mug

For those who recall, we recently tried what were called "Hold-Alls" that were small ceramic open topped items to put your razor, toothbrush, comb, etc into. Ideal for tucks of blades as well. We posted pictures and based on feedback decided to make them but they really never moved. Likewise some time back with our "Soap Lockers" that had fitted ceramic lids on them. Sold some and then it all slowed down.

Our lather bowls retail for a bit less than these mugs would since there is less work to them. These mugs have our signature logo embossed on them but another step is necessary, the handle. So this adds to the labor and effort. Compared with our bowls the price makes sense. Compared to other hand crafted pottery mugs the price makes sense. Customers who will want one will want it because of the story - it is hand crafted, is Captain Choice branded, and is made in the USA.

So we may put them out there and see. In the end it is the marketplace that decides which keeps a manufacturer on his toes!
I would guess you see a lot of items that start out with some decent sales and then slow down. Once someone purchases a shaving bowl, they won't need another unless it breaks or they are buying one as a gift for someone else. My guess is that is what happened with North. Once someone has it in their rotation of soaps, it could be quite some time before they reorder.

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What would be cool is if you made pucks of your soaps for the mug. You know, like a Williams Puck. Then again, what's the market? I know I'd buy it. However, I'm crazy.
I like the one on the far left best and 3rd in from the left 2nd best. The far right is too large for me. The others meh.

I don't see myself spending $32 on a coffee mug however.


I'm agreeing with @Davidkimberly on his statement of a variety of size.
I find that my coffee gets cold too fast if the mug is too big and I get interrupted (aka work).
How about adding a lid to the cup to keep it hot and do double duty as a coaster?
Unfortunately, I like all the shapes to a certain degree.
Would I spend $32 or more for a coffee mug?
Probably and especially if it were offered as an item in the Saint Sue Auction.
How about adding a lid to the cup to keep it hot and do double duty as a coaster?
Great idea! The second one and the second from the end both would make great travel mugs with lids. Personally I am know fan of metal or acrylic travel mugs and would go for ceramic every time.


It does look great. Nice shape color and looks elegant. I just could not pay 30+ for one cup. Ibdobthink it looks very nice.