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*PICS* The difference between Pure, Best and Silvertip Badger.....

I'm awaiting response from the Gentlemen's Shop regarding the EJ Best Badger brush because it's listed as out of stock on their website.

Once the EJ best badger brush and the imitation ivory brush stand are both in stock I will order them together with a Merkur HD and some other items so that I can put my Mach 3 and Omega brush finally in the closet.
I picked the $35 C&E as my upgrade from the C&E bristle for the eventual daring transition to DE. You can get the slick chrome stand also for about $15 as well. I was looking for something with a good quality and a decent price tag, thanks for the information here. I kinda like the C&E logo as well, gives it a nice touch without words...
pmaapl said:
What Soap were you using during your tests?
"Method - All of the brushes are from the same manufacture, in new, unused condition so as to eliminate as many variables as possible. Each shaving brush was used under similar circumstances, with the exact same cake of Saint Charles Shave Almond shaving soap."
WOW!! great review and pics. Just what I needed to see and this will sure save me some $$$. My wife got me a best badger brush for Christmas and I have been bugging her for a silvertip brush. Thanks to this review Ill just get my another best badger maybe two :biggrin1: myself.
Joel -
Thanks for that review.
I did not really understand the differences despite prior reading.
I really appreciate you posting.
I got my EJ Best from Duluth Trading Co. The Wife gave it to me for Christmas. I have since gotten a C&E and while they are very, very similar, I like the EJ better. It comes with a stand and the lettering reversed so it is readable in the stand. Price is $39.50, which is about the same as a C&E with a cheap stand.


There are also pictures of them side by side in a thread I posted a week or so ago.

Loved the review!!!

I like those photos of shaving equipment in close proximity of fine alcoholic spirits. I think I might be missing an ancillary nuance of wet shaving. I think I need to find a way to move the shaving place next to the liquor cabinet or the liquor cabinet into the bathroom. :biggrin:

And I wonder if Sue can concoct a eau de single malt scotch shaving soap.:lol:
Joel once again you've proven to be a fountain of knowledge, thank you for disseminating this information upon this community.:smile: :smile: :smile:
Anyone know where someone could buy the Best Badger with the EJ logo and not the Crabtree logo? Would it still be $35?
http://www.theenglishshavingcompany.com is their web site. Click on the American Flag to change from Pounds to Dollars. If you are on the East Coast, it takes about 5 working days to get the brush.

If you don't want to order from the UK, Duluth Trading Co. has a best with stand for $39. I got one for Christmas last year and it remains in my regular brush rotation. I also have a small Super in Immitation Marble, which is my current favorite brush! You can't go wrong with either, IMHO!:biggrin: