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Pics of razor blades are needed, can you help, please?

@ouchyfoot, take the photos whenever you feel like tackling some, no hurry. We've gotten by this long without a vintage razor blade section, we can get by a bit longer. You can send them to me in a PM whenever you like. And thank you for the Old Hickory blade photos. Those are excellent photos, well done, sir!
I didn't see these face-eaters on the list.
Thank you to everyone who has contributed photos, they are all greatly appreciated. Please continue sending your pics. Please be patient with us, you will see them loaded onto the wiki page in time. I have downloaded & saved all images that have been sent in. This is a multi-step lengthy process to get them onto the wiki, but we are committed to the task.
I'm not 100% sure you want injector blades AND these pictures might not be good enough (I'm willing to take better ones if you'd like) but here is the new Supply Black blade box and injector.

@srqshaver, thank you for the photos. The quality is great, no need to retake any. We aren't actively collecting injector blade photos at this time, but I'm going to submit yours so we can have a start. Congratulations, yours will be the first listing!
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